An easy, enjoyable walk at Donadea Forest Park

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Donadea Forest Park proved a good choice for our weekend walk. Not being regular walkers, we were after an easy stroll in quiet countryside surroundings.

Located in County Kildare, the Donadea Demesne is about 30 miles from Dublin.  Admission to the site was €5 for the car and coins were required to operate the barrier at the entrance to the car park.  Fortunately, we had been tipped off about this in advance and had suitable coins with us. (€1, €2 and 50 cent coins are accepted). There is good parking on the Donadea site and a choice of walks.

Donadea Forest Park appealed to us because it offers a variety of walks graded for different abilities.There are lots of seats along the Lake walk providing good vantage points and the path is level and broad enough for buggies and wheelchairs.

Even if you have someone in your party who is not able for the full walk, there are places to sit relatively close to the start of the walk that provide good views of the lake.

There is a basic coffee shop on the site which served hot coffee and a decent ham and cheese toasted sandwich.

All in all, a good day out and Donadea Forest Park is a place that we look forward to visiting again.