A Visit to the Japanese Gardens and Saint Fiachra Gardens, County Kildare

Monastic Cells at Saint Fiachra Gardens, County Kildare, Ireland.
Monastic Cells at Saint Fiachra’s Gardens, County Kildare, Ireland.

It was a glorious day in Ireland today and I took advantage of the sunshine by travelling to County Kildare where I visited the Japanese Gardens, the National Stud and St Fiachra’s gardens. To be honest, I was disappointed with the Japanese gardens. The last time I visited I was still at school and I remember feeling let down then too.

The Japanese gardens are small and because the planting is low in height it is hard not to be aware of surroundings outside the space. This takes away from the usual peace you would seek in a garden and I found difficult to relax in the space. Also, it’s not the easiest place to walk around because the paths are narrow. You follow a path of life and, at 50, I find this kind of depressing. It’s probably worse if you’re 70.

Far more to my liking are the Saint Fiachra gardens in the same complex which is where I took both of these photos.A pleasant kind of little wilderness as Lady Catherine de Bourgh might say (Pride and Prejudice for those of you who are not Jane Austen fans).

Pictured here are some oaks that are part of the planting in the St Fiachra Gardens gardens.

Adult admission to the Japanese Gardens was 11 euro today and got you into the Japanese Gardens, the National Stud, and Saint Fiachra’s Gardens. I had lunch in the onsite restaurant. A baked potato and salad cost 7.50.