A Jaunt in Killarney National Park

A jaunt in Killarney National Park is a must if you visit Killarney.

Killarney National Park is simply a fantastic place to visit. The natural beauty of the lakes is entirely enthralling and there are acres of wonderful trees and pasture to enjoy. Watch out for the distinctive Kerry cows which are dark in colour and a bit smaller than their counterparts elsewhere in the country. A jaunt in Killarney National Park will set you back somewhere between 35-50 euro per cart so the more passengers, the better the value. For me, on my own, it cost 35 euro to travel up as far as the Torc waterfall and back Рquite a short trip and a little on the pricey side for an independent traveller but it is part of the Kerry experience and certainly enjoyable and entertaining. The horse in this short jaunt in Killarney National Park video is Katy and she set quite a pace, particularly on the homeward stretch. Thanks to her and jarvey, Michael, for a fun interlude on a drizzly afternoon in June.